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How to Build Momentum

April 7, 2014 0 Comments

(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays“Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum”. Tom Watson golfer

You have a good idea, your business and marketing plan is ready for action you are all fired up – full of good intentions but somehow nothing happens. Sound familiar? Perhaps you been distracted or just stuck in “analysis paralysis”? Stop waiting for that perfect moment!

Commit to taking action on a daily basis. I recently read that money loves speed. How do you build speed?  The secret is to start buildingmomentum one step at a time once your moving it is so much easier to keep on going. Ever watched the World’s Strongest Man competition? One of the challenges is to pull a lorry from standing start. A good start is vital and then it is all about keeping momentum to the finish line.

If you have an idea – take action (however small) towards it within the day. The whole point of taking action within a day is that you’re setting things in motion.

Follow these 5 simple steps

  1. Set as a goal completing one daily task that will earn you money and take you nearer to your business goal
  2. Select and complete one “quick and dirty” task that can be completed with minimal effort E.g. updating your email signature
  3. Add value to your network and raise your visibility and credibility. Short of time? Select one of your previously published “evergreen” blog posts. Upload the link to Twitter, Linked in and other social media networks
  4.  Promote an offer using email, twitter etc publish to all your contacts
  5. Asking for work is not being pushy. Asking existing clients on a regular basis whether there is anything else you can help them with is all part of good customer service not being pushy!

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