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Raise your Visibility, Credibility and Profitability

August 12, 2013 0 Comments

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Are you looking to raise your visibility, credibility and profitability?

One way to do that is to forge links with other interested parties or organisations. With your target audience in mind plan to host joint events or ventures. By doing so you gain access to that organisations membership – who might be otherwise difficult to reach.

In Yorkshire there is a thriving network of business women called Forward Ladies. A number of law firms have seized the initiative and joined forces with the forward ladies network. The firm’s host free drops in surgeries on a variety of topics from family law to employment law showcasing their talent as well as gaining valuable publicity.

Another Yorkshire firm has chosen to host events for the local Women in Management CMI group. For the cost of the room, teas/ coffees and biscuits that firm gains the chance not only to showcase their offices, but also to brief women members for 20 minutes on topical aspects of the law eg  “Redundancy from a Managers and Individuals Perspective”.

Action steps

  1. Research the organisations or networking groups that your target audience belongs to
  2. Approach those organisations and suggest a joint venture/ event 
  3. Realise that whilst only a small number may attend the actual event what you have gained is access and exposure to the target audience – and also that organisation’s endorsement
  4. Gather the attendees details so that you can keep in touch- invite attendees to subscribe to your newsletter, or offer to send them a copy of your powerpoint slides
  5. Keep in touch! Follow up, start and maintain those business relationships which will strengthen your network raising your visibility and credibility 


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