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Maximise Your ROI When Sponsoring Events

July 26, 2013 0 Comments


I recently attended a great breakfast event sponsored by a local law firm. Over 60 business people attended the meeting to hear two inspirational speakers from different organisations. However what surprised me most was the low profile of the law firm concerned – considering their considerable financial investment in supplying the breakfast butties and room hire. It started me musing about how with a few tweaks they could have increased the firm’s visibility and credibility at the event without going “hard sell”.

Now I appreciate that they may have deliberately kept a low profile so as not to deflect from what were two inspiring talks, but I also know that networking is one of the least favourite activities of lawyers! However having invested what must have been a considerable sum of money hosting the event, I know that the attendees would have thought the firm was entitled to a return on its investment – after all, there is no such thing as a free lunch or breakfast!

As an attendee, I would have welcomed a brief outline from a representative of the firm about what it did – by way of introduction or a vote of thanks, as well as members of staff being identified to the group by standing up. (Use colour coded name badges to maximise visibility)

The firm did invite several existing clients, but as host it could have easily targeted potential clients, arranged for them to be invited to the event, made sure that they were spoken to at the event, and then arranged to follow them up afterwards.

Whilst that firm obviously gained something from being associated with such an amazing event, I am just keen that people remember your firm for something more than the bacon butties!

Action steps

  1. Review how your firm hosts events.
  2. Before the event visualise it from the attendees viewpoint. Arrange for a firm representative to meet and greet on arrival.
  3. Take centre stage, open the event. Draw attention to what your firm does and to those other firm members present. Colour code name badges so that members of your firm are instantly recognisable.
  4. Invite existing and potential clients to show case your talents.
  5. Make the event memorable for the right reasons. Keep in touch!

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