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Confidence Matters

July 26, 2013 0 Comments

Thermometer - Confidence LevelHave you ever noticed how your self-confidence can ebb and flow like a rip tide? One moment you feel on top of the world, the next (sometimes for no apparent reason) your confidence deserts you in a puff of smoke and you are left in the depth of despair.

Confidence in yourself is one of the main factors which determines your success. So if you were asked to give top tips re self-confidence what would they be?

  • Good preparation and planning?
  • Knowledge of subject?
  • Expand your comfort zone?

A lesser-known confidence ingredient is the level of your self-efficacy. How you view your ability to influence the outcome in any given situation. E.g. public speaking, presenting a case in court, dealing with difficult clients (or colleagues).

The quickest way to boost your feelings of self-efficacy and confidence is by changing your mindset “People with high self-efficacy and assurance in their capabilities approach difficult tasks as challenges to be mastered rather than as threats to be avoided.” Albert Bandura studied the theory of self-efficacy and also found people with a strong sense of self-efficacy:

  • Develop deeper interest in the activities in which they participate
  • Form a stronger sense of commitment to their interests and activities
  • Recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments

We also know that the reverse is true. People with a reduced feeling of self-efficacy or confidence can

  • Avoid challenging tasks
  • Believe that difficult tasks and situations are beyond their capabilities
  • Focus on personal failings and negative outcomes
  • Quickly lose confidence in personal abilities

Action steps

  1. One way to boost your self-efficacy is to create a success folder
  2. Keep a note of all the thank you’s and recognition you have received
  3. Make a list of everything that you have achieved in the past year. Include in that list everything that you learnt in the past year, concentrating on things that you have achieved which you once thought were completely out of your grasp which you no longer cause you anxiety

“Only the limits of our mindset can determine the boundaries of our future”


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