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The No 1 reason why you need to educate your market

July 26, 2013 0 Comments

sour like a stone

The other day I came across an interesting concept.  To get ahead of the game you need to avoid the major Number 1 mistake made by your competitors and colleagues – focusing all their marketing and business development efforts towards just 3% of the population.

 Only 3% at any one time are ready to buy and actively looking for your services. They may have woken up this morning thinking they have had enough and make the decision to buy. The only decision now is who from? However chasing that 3% is like chasing gold dust. If that concept is correct 97% of your potential clients are not right at this moment looking for your product or service.

So how do you influence the remaining 97%? The secret is to concentrate on educating your market. In doing so you position yourself as the “go to expert” and remain in the minds of potential clients.

Of that 97%:

  •  7% are open to buy and may be considering it – however they have as yet not taken any action. For instance they may be with a competitor of yours and contemplating switching providers
  •  30% may have inkling that they need your services but the timing is wrong they plan to seek help some time down the road
  •  30% are totally unconscious of the problem they face and that someone like you can solve it they are not actively looking for a solution to their problem because they don’t know they have one!. You have the chance to draw their attention to the problem and provide a solution thereby becoming their trusted adviser
  •  30% let’s face it are not interested, never will be – just cross them out and move on!


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