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Networking Revisited

July 26, 2013 0 Comments

under the pole

Networking isn’t about just turning up and hoping for the best. The key (as with everything) is in the planning.

Have a clear outcome in mind as to why you are attending, what you want to get out of it and have the discipline to remain until you have achieved it!

Is it too:

  • Practice your networking skills and meeting like minded people?
  • Be an ambassador for your business and be seen to be “flying the flag”?
  • Collect as many business cards as you can to prove to the powers that be that you have actually attended!
  • Test the market as to your latest new idea and see what competitors are up to?
  • Identify likely referrals partners?
  • Meet future suppliers?

As soon as you arrive at an event you need to check who else is in the room. Make it a policy to only attend those networking events that have an attendance list if you are paying good money doesn’t it make sense to know who else is in the room? Identify who you want to talk and ask the organiser to introduce you.

Once you have found your ideal referral partner / possible client one of the general questions to ask them is where else they go networking and where do they meet business people most like them. Make a note you want to identify other profitable groups for you to attend.

After the meeting, review your progress and the contacts you have made. Make a note on their business card as to where and when you met and any shared interests or information you promised to pass on.

Follow up with people you formed a connection with. Arrange to meet for a coffee and further chat so that you can get to understand what they do and look for ways to help them whether through people or information of interest to them. Remember you are aiming to create a long term relationship.



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